Elijah Jacob Fischer

Elijah Fischer is a Design and Creative Services expert, and has been engaging in Design projects of all kinds, collectively for over 12 years. He currently works as a Director of Design Services who partners with CEOs, executives and administrators to grow their web presence and professional brands, human-to-human. 
After spending over a decade working in web design for multi-million dollar brands and startups, Elijah knows what truly drives design, and engaging UX. It’s not mastering the web design flavor of the week. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate their message back on the web. 
He has an organic approach and experimental mindset with the ability to translate business objectives into exciting web experiences. He fosters a design-forward culture through clear direction and meaningful, measurable results. He solves next-generation design problems and has a passion for the user experience. 
"I am always curious about how things work and why they work this way. Human behavior is a fascinating evolutionary tale, that can tell you so many things with out any words involved."
Don Norman once said: 
" I question my own ideas and that's the only way to make progress, always curious, always questioning." 
I live and breathe everything I interact with, I tell android users on a weekly basis why I am an Apple guy and always will be. It's the design. I have a passion for innovation and technology but also in the passion it can inspire to users.
Elijah wants to continue to create meaningful product experiences that drive the core of our daily web interactions. Leading Design Ops is just 1 of the many hats he currently wears in his immersive role at Community Brands. 
In addition, to his extensive Design and Creative experience, Elijah is a seasoned Filmmaker. He has landed in film productions, broadcast outlets, and news articles around the world, including The Sarasota Film Festival, DocLA [Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival], Independent Filmmakers Showcase©, The Guardian, and local news outlets.
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